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Simon’s Say Presents: MonkeyCon0 Slot3 Weird Times at Charles Fort High:School Spirit Scavenger Hunt

At long last episode 3 of the Simon’s Say Presents podcast is up for your listening pleasure. It is a special presentation of Weird Times at Charles Fort High run by our very own Xofour from MonkeyCon Zero. Well, we hope you enjoy it. -Simon ————————- Accept that some days you are the pigeon and […]

Simon’s Say Presents Episode Two: Played at MonkeyCon Zero

Hi again, I finally got the second episode up for the Simon’s Say Presents podcast. It is a special episode. It is the first of five actual play recordings of the games I participated in during MonkeyCon Zero this past Saturday (October 22nd, 2011). I had a blast and especially enjoyed the people that I […]

The first episode of Simon’s Say Presents:

Hello all. Today marks the beginning of  the actual play podcasts here on Go here: for the posts and to get the feeds for your various podcatchers. Or just click on the tab labeled “Simon’s Say Presents Podcasts” up above to get to the same place. Don’t forget to let us know what you […]