About Simon

Who am I? What do I have to say? Even I don’t know at times.

I am an older “new” RPG/Board gamer and a veteran video gamer who aspires to be a game designer/developer while trying to be a good father to his wonderful daughter and working as a mild mannered Computer/Web Consultant.

Whew, what a mouthful!

I am just this guy with this space to write about Life, the Universe and Everything…I live my life the best I can.

I love my family the best I can.

I am just a bit of a procrastinator which is probably the root of all my troubles.

Its hard to sum myself up in a blurb, but maybe you will get to know me through my posts. (If you are so inclined, but do not forget about the procrastination .)

Me in 2002

(me in 2002)                 (me in 2006)

-Simon (aka Trooper94 in forums everywhere)
Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult